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SCTC's Senior Mixed Team Goes to Nationals!

13 May 2012 6:11 PM | Anonymous

What an Experience at 2011 Nationals!

Beautiful San Antonio welcomed our team for our first 2 matches, which were scheduled for 9 AM and 3 PM, on Friday, 3/30. This first day, we were handicapped by the 2-hour time change, actually playing at 7AM California time coupled with a degree of jet lag. We gave it our best effort, but could not pull off a win against Lake Charles, LA, (Southern area), a team who had gone to Nationals the year before, and who were playing their same three teams. This was a time when experience really counted! And Southern had that experience. The two following matches against Phoenix (Southwest) and New Jersey (Middle States) were very competitive and fun to watch, but unfortunately, we did not prevail. Sorry, folks. Next year, we will not be the new kids on the block and will bring in a win.

Despite this tennis outcome, all was not lost. San Antonio is a beautiful city, with the River Walk just across the street from the historic Sheraton Gunter Hotel, built in 1909. It's old world ambiance reminds you of the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. The River Walk has been extended for miles and is a charming place to either dine or simply stroll along.

The USTA officials and volunteers, especially Tosha Smith, the Nationals Director, were efficient, helpful, courteous and friendly. They made us feel at home. I think that is known as "Texas hospitality." The weather cooperated beautifully--no rain. However, fog in San Antonio is not the same as fog in the Bay Area. The first morning, a look out the window, showed fog. We dressed accordingly. When we stepped outside, a primordial mist of hot, humid air greeted us and we started to peel off all the layers. On Saturday, we knew better. The fog was there again, but we knew not to wear warm up clothing and tote around extra jackets. Fooled again. It was COLD fog this time around. We suffered a bit until the sun came out at noon.

The other teams were fun to watch and fun to talk to as we learned of their area's tennis activities. Some of us "talked trash" about the team to beat--Southern-- but all in good fun. One anecdote. The captain of a certain team, who will remain nameless, offered to share her beer with our team. Yes, it was an early match--ooops!!! did I just give her away? One very good outcome is that the 7.0 level winner was our fellow California team--Southern California. Hooray. Southern was expected to win.

We learned a lot as a team for our next trip to Nationals -- Get to the location a day early, get plenty of rest, learn the lay of the land, practice on the courts before hand, and have fun out there. Our team thanks all of you members of the San Carlos Tennis Club for your support. As they used to say in the Sixties, we could feel the "good vibes." Next year, we'll do you proud!!!! The SCTC Fifty Mixed 7.0 Team 2011

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