Successful Clean-Up Day at Arguello

We held a "clean-up" for the tennis courts adjacent to Arguello Park and accomplished a great deal.  First, a special thanks to the following folks for helping out on Saturday, September 7: Brian Best, John Farcich, Janet Adams, Lynn McGhee, Ray Choye, Dario Ditrapani, and Daniel Arakaki 's Dad. 

The biggest job was a large broken branch next to court #2.  Brian Best, armed with a chain saw, hacked off this menacing branch. All brush was trimmed away next to all courts, wind shields around court 3 were secured, sheds were cleaned and tidied up, grill was cleaned, trash cans were placed on all 4 courts (let's hope they have not yet been stolen), trash was picked up, and large items have been placed in a pile to be hauled to the dump. 

Add to these accomplishments, Jack Hesotian managed the replacement of older halogen light bulbs a few months ago. You noticed the courts were better lit, right?

Stay tuned for the next chance for YOU to contribute your efforts! Anyone a good painter? The benches could use your expertise.

Many thanks to our revered club Prez, John Yarley, for organizing and working this essential event.

Twilight Tennis


Fun Day Photos

A good time was had by lots of tennis players on Labor Day.  The weather was hot enough that it felt good to rotate off the courts and take a break. A delicious BBQ lunch was grilled by John and John, and our third John took photos.  Evidence of good times and some good service technique is here.  Proceeds of registration fees and from the raffle went to CORA, a community group that helps families and women.

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