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Extensive information on the USTA NTRP Ratings levels, on the system for ongoing computer monitoring and adjustment of player ratings based upon match performances, and on self-rating for new players, is all available on the USTA NorCal website.

Rating Information for USTA NorCal Leagues

The National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) is the official system for determining the levels of competition for all USTA League teams. Players face off against opponents of comparable ability. This keeps the competition lively and the atmosphere social.


USTA NTRP Rating Information

Early Start Rating Information

Year End Computer Rating Information


Appealing a Rating

Before you appeal: 
Click here for a gentle warning to players and their captains  

Information for Automatic Appeals for ESR and Year End Computer Ratings 
Players may appeal their ESR and Year End Computer rating automaticaly online.  Players appealing a Year End rating will receive an instant decision based on predetermined criteria explained in the links below.
Click here to appeal your Year End Rating by automatic online appeal  
 Players appealing their ESR will receive a decision within two days.
Click here to appeal your ESR

Information for Self Rate Appeals
A player who self rates and believes that the minimum rating assigned to him is too high is immediately offered the opportunity to appeal this rating. This self rate appeal program is online. It  gives the player a chance to describe extenuating circumstances that support a lower rating. These appeals are reviewed by NorCal’s self rate appeal committee. There is no fee to appeal a self rating. You will receive an email confirming submission of your appeal. Please re-submit if you do not receive immediate confirmation.
Click here for a self rate appeal form 

Information for Medical Appeals 
The Medical Appeal fee is $25.00. This fee is returned if the appeal is granted. Medical Appeals are reviewed quarterly. In 2010, the deadlines for submitting medical appeals are February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1, 2010.
Click here for a medical appeal form

  Everything you want to know about ratings.
Click on any of the topics below for more information

Adventures in Ratingland   

Rating Search Tool  
    (identify players at any facility by rating level)

Different Types of Ratings
Year End Rating (YER)
Frequently asked questions about Year End Ratings  
Early Start Rating (ESR)     
Benchmark Rating (B)     
Adjusted Rating (A)
    Mixed Rating (M)
    Tournament Rating (T )
    Dynamic Rating (DNTRP)

Self Ratings
Determining your correct rating level     
The Self Rate process
     Appealing a self rating     
Self Rate Grievance

What are the different levels of skill?
General Characteristics of Various Playing Levels      
Elite Player Guidelines

Rating Appeals
Before you appeal      
Appealing a self rating     
     Automatic appeals
Medical appeals

Rating Challenges
Self Rate Grievances
     NTRP Complaints

Three Strikes 

     Who can be dynamically disqualified?

    2010 Rating Information


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