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SCTC hosts a vibrant and fun-filled schedule of tournaments that are both social and competitive. Our tournaments typically are designed for doubles play, and the formats vary between between switch partner and fixed mixed partner formats. Even for fixed partner formats, we are always happy to try to match you up with partner when needed. We also go to lengths to ensure appropriate skill levels are matched in every competition, and we typically apply handicaps as needed.

In addition to fun, friendly and competitive play, you can always count on some great food and drink (including adult libations) throughout the day, including a hot lunch. In addition to bragging rights, tournament victors collect great prizes such as gift certificates, tennis lessons, tennis gear and other swag.

Go to the Events & Sign Ups page to register. We look forward to seeing you on the court!

2018 Tournament Schedule 

Date           Tournament Type                Location

June 23        Wimbledon (all wear white)     Arguello

August 25     Fundraiser                             Carlmont High

October 20   Halloween tournament            Arguello





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