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Yes folks ... come one, come all ... we appreciate Sponsorships for SCTC events and activities!

In 2006, we started building a more formal process of winning sponsorships and rewarding our sponsors for their support ... and sponsorships having been easier to get and growing nicely ever since! Sponsorships can help us to keep our events economical, to put on events and services that otherwise would not happen, and to light and maintain the court facilities used by SCTC.

Sponsorships can be in cash, services, goods or other in-kind contributions, and can be recognized for partial contributions like discounts on goods and services. We provide recognition for our sponsors at our events, on flyers, in emails, through booths and banners at events, and in write-ups and free advertising in our Newsletters/Updates and on our website! Sponsors understand that we bring many visitors into the San Carlos and surrounding community every week for tennis activities. Those sponsors are anxious to earn the attention and patronage of those visitors. We do in fact visit their stores, restaurants, bars, businesses, etc., we use them for our events whenever we can - and we actively promote those that we like!

Think about the relationships that you have, and the goods and services that might be available to support our club. Of course money contributions are very valuable for us, but we use 1/2 price gift certificates, dinner certificates, free chiropractic visits, food donations for events from supermarkets, specialty stores and restaurants, and much more! Once you start to think about it, all kinds of things can provide recognizable value for SCTC and the participants in our events.

Please download a copy of our Sponsorship Prospectus and our Sponsor Sign Up Sheet. The Prospectus explains everything that you need to understand the program and sign up your favorite sponsor targets, and the Sign Up Sheet provides the form on which to actually do it!

Don't hesitate to contact the or any of the Board of Directors for help and ideas concerning your potential sponsorship targets. We will all appreciate your help!



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